Boarding Agreement

Thank you for taking a moment of your time to fill out this boarding agreement. Our goal is to provide a happy and healthy environment for our patients. In keeping with that goal we require that all patients be current on their vaccinations (Rabies/Distemper/Bordatella/Yearly Fecal) and free of all external parasites before staying with us. Please note that our fees are based on a daily rate.

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Phone in Case of Emergency *
Phone in Case of Emergency
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Backup Phone
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Arrival Date
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Departure Date
Medicated Boarding *
If your pet(s) are on any medications and/or special diets, please list below and include the treatment schedule. If it is necessary for us to dispense supplies of any sort during your pet’s stay, you will be responsible for any corresponding fees. Please choose one of the following:
Please list each medication for all patients. Include pet name, medication, instructions (including strength), and any special instructions.
Please provide any special diet information.
Services to be Provided During This Stay
If you have any specific concerns regarding your pet’s health, or would like to have any procedures performed during your pet’s stay, please indicate so below.
List any other services you would like to be provided.
Bathing *
If your pet is to be picked up by someone other than owner, arrangements regarding the bill must be made in advance. Name of person authorized to pick pet(s) up (if different than owner listed above):
Additional Terms of Boarding *

Revisions To Boarding

Northwest Animal Hospital will no longer be accepting any personal items such as toys, blankets, beds, etc. Due to the nature of housing animals, personal items are often inadvertently lost, discarded, or damaged and their return home is not guaranteed. Please do not leave any leashes or collars. During your pets stay only hospital issue and approved leashes will be used. As we do not have a secure exercise area outside, our patients are generally not taken for walks during their stay with us. If you have any concerns regarding this matter, please speak with a client service representative.

Aggressive Pet Boarding Protocol

For our purposes, we are defining “aggressive” as any patient that attempts to lunge and/or bite an individual or other animal with the probable intention of doing harm. We would encourage all owners of aggressive pets to find an alternative to boarding their pets in a boarding facility, such as leaving the pet at home with a caretaker or taking him or her with you. We understand that circumstances do not always allow for these solutions. In the event that any patient is deemed aggressive at the time of boarding admission or anytime thereafter, he or she will be categorized as an “aggressive pet”. The fee to board such pets is double that of our normal boarding fees per day. The nature of such pets will not allow us to extend grooming procedures to them, and we will not guarantee the condition of these pets upon the owner’s return.

Other Notes

Our goal is to make your pet’s stay here as comfortable as possible, but taking an animal out of his home environment and away from his daily routine and the people he knows is often stressful. Even the happiest pet can react negatively to being boarded. They often act differently here than they do at home. For instance, a dog that is quiet as a mouse at home might be very vocal here. They sometimes get so excited and distracted by the activity here that they do not eat or drink as they normally do at home. Some boarders will even develop a problem while here, such as loose stools (stress colitis), or if they are particularly vocal, a cough or laryngitis. Should your pet develop a problem while here, the doctors will use their best judgment for the required treatment of your pet. In the event that my pet should become sick while boarding, I give permission to the doctors at Northwest Animal Hospital to treat my pet. I am the owner or authorized agent for the owner of the pet(s) previously described, and accept full responsibility for all costs incurred. In the event that I do not return for my pet and ten (10) days have expired since a certified letter was sent to my address notifying me to call for my animal, the animal may be disposed of. This action will not, however, release me from all charges incurred, including legal fees (approximately 40% of the total unpaid portion) resulting from non-payment of charges.