Wellness Examinations

Pet wellness examinations are the most important preventive health procedure and diagnostic aid available for your pet, we recommend yearly examinations.  These yearly examinations allow our veterinarians to evaluate your pet’s general health, between these regular examinations and your at home observations we hope to become aware of any health problems before they become serious illnesses.

At this yearly examination our doctors will give your pet a thorough examination – examining the eyes, ears, teeth, listening to their hearts and lungs, running lab work, checking for any unusual lumps, and testing the joints for arthritis and swelling.  Vaccinations are one of the most important preventive measure you can take for the health of your pet, our doctors will talk with you and figure out the best vaccination schedule for your pets.

Dental Procedures

Dental care is very important for your pets health. Bad dental care can be more than just bad for your pets teeth, it can cause other problems with your pets health.  We do offer dental procedures, please contact us for more information.

Surgical Procedures

We offer a wide range of surgical services including spaying, neutering, dew claw removal, feline declawing.  Please contact us for a more detailed listing.


We offer digital radiography for your pet, which offer better quality and minimal radiation to your pet.


We offer a well stocked pharmacy, however some medications are special order so please contact us prior to your arrival for refills.

Emergency Care

We offer emergency care during our normal business hours,  Monday-Friday 9am-12pm and 3pm-6:30pm and Saturday 9am-2pm, we ask if it is possible to please call before coming, however we do understand under certain circumstances this is not always possible.  If you do come in with an emergency with your pet please advise our front desk staff that you have an emergency when you arrive.

If you have an emergency with your pet during our non business hours please contact   Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Northfield at (847) 564-5775 or  Elk Grove Veterinary Specialty & Emergency at (847) 584-0200.

Nail Trimming

We offer nail trims for your pets, please contact us for an appointment.


We offer medicate baths for pets with allergies and other skin conditions, please contact us for further details.

We also offer baths and grooming with sedation, however keep in mind we are not a grooming facility, again please contact us for further details.

Prescription Diets

We offer a wide range of prescription diets, Hills and Royal Canin.  Please contact us for a description of diets we keep in stock, some prescription food is special order. This food is also available from our online pharmacy.


We offer boarding to our clients. However, please keep in mind that we are not a boarding facility.  We ask if you would like to board your pet with us and you are a client to contact us at (847) 296-3112 to schedule your boarding times. Pets can be dropped off anytime between 9am-6:30pm, Monday-Friday and 9am-2pm on Saturday.

We feed all boarders (dogs and cats) a healthy Hills diet. If you would like your pet to be fed another diet, please bring that with them.  We will medicate your pets during their stay. We request no beds, blankets, toys, or rawhides be brought with your pet for their stay.  We do have washable mats that can be place with your pet at your request.

More details are on the form below.  If possible, please complete this before bringing your pet in for their stay with us to speed the process.

[Boarding Agreement Form]